Classic SD Brilliant, 58 mm, Damast

Classic SD Brilliant, 58 mm, Damast


Κωδικός: 0.6221.34

Barcode: 7611160219329

€ 230,00

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Resilient and Unique Pocket Knife The epitome of resilience, this compact pocket knife exudes perfection. Crafted from 333 layers of ultra-strong Damasteel® arranged in a unique Odin Heim pattern, the Classic SD Brilliant Damast is as individual and hard working as you are. The striking design and attachable charm make this a standout multi-tool with peerless elegance. * Crafted from remarkable, resilient Damasteel® scales with cross and shield charm * Swiss made compact pocket knife with 5 functions * Tools include scissors and nail file with screwdriver * Height 6 mm * Length 58 mm * Weight 29 g

FEATURESkey ring, blade, scissors
NAIL FILE WITHscrewdriver

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